Non-Disclosure Requests

TextNow collects personal information from its customers for use in the operation of its services. Protecting customer information is a top priority. For more information on what personal information is collected and how it is used, please read our Privacy Policy here.
Due to the nature of our service, TextNow receives various legal requests that order the disclosure of personal information. As a company operating in both Canada and the United States, we understand that we have to abide with the legislation of the respective jurisdictions. TextNow will inform its customers when their information is to be disclosed in such cases. Canadian and American legislation both state that certain entities (i.e. law enforcement, government, courts) may seek personal information without disclosing notification to the customer. If this pertains to your investigation, please include a Non-Disclosure Order when contacting our legal department.
Failure to serve a Non-Disclosure Order will result in the customer(s) being notified that their information is being disclosed. As per TextNow procedure, we allow the customer 7 days from date of notification to dispute the disclosure in court before we release the records to the respective authority. Please note that TextNow will not follow up with law enforcement regarding non-disclosure, so be careful to include it in the initial response. The only time TextNow will follow up regarding non-disclosure is if our Information to Obtain (ITO) form indicates a Non-disclosure order is attached but is missing from the ITO. As such, we also strongly recommend that all law enforcement officers submit a completed ITO form - see attachment below.

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