Which browsers are supported by TextNow?

TextNow customers know that, along with our mobile apps for Android and iOS and our Windows and Mac desktop versions, you can also use TextNow through your browser for both calling and texting.

Some recent technological advances in the web has made it possible for TextNow to integrate WebRTC for messaging and calling over the web. WebRTC is an open-source project that allows supported browsers to use real-time communication (RTC). Almost every modern browser has incorporated WebRTC into their browser, which means you as a TextNow user should be able to let your browser have access to your microphone on your desktop or laptop and use the web to make and receive calls.

If you're having trouble with the calling feature on your browser, and you've let your browser have access to your microphone, then a good next step is to simply try a different browser. Below is a list of most popular browsers today along with links to grab the latest version:

Browser OS Supported by TextNow? Download
Google Chrome Linux, Win, Mac Yes Here
Mozilla Firefox Linux, Win, Mac Yes Here
Internet Explorer Windows Calling not supported*  
Safari Mac Yes Here
Microsoft Edge Windows Yes Here
Opera Linux, Win, Mac Yes Here


* Internet Explorer does not integrate WebRTC, so calling is not supported. Messaging will still work with IE.

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