Enabling Your Microphone On TextNow.com

If you would like to try calling over our website, you'll need to make sure the device you're using has a microphone available to use. Here's how to allow access to your microphone:

1. Log into your account here at www.textnow.com and go to your Conversations page. in the top left-hand side, click on the New Call button.


2. If a number pad comes up, your microphone is already set up. Otherwise, you'll see this screen:


On that page, follow those instructions to select Allow and Remember on the Adobe Flash Player box.

3. If you don't see that pop-up, and you're still having problems with your microphone, you'll have to look into your settings on your browser. Each browser will have different settings; here's an example of how to do it in Chrome:


Click on the little picture of a lock in Chrome's address bar to bring up this menu. Next to Microphone, make sure you have Always allow on this site checked.

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    Connie Trosper

    My phone is on mute? I can't hear the ringing.

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    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hey Connie! It seems like you're using the free app on your Android device. This may just be an issue with the device itself, which we are limited in how much we can discern remotely.

    I'd suggest for you to look into your device's settings- notification, to make sure that everything is enabled correctly. Next, you can try to look through the TextNow app's settings to ensure that you have a ringtone setup! This can be done as such:

    1. Open up the TextNow app- tap on the top left parallel bars to open up your menu
    2. Tap on the top right gear icon to open up your settings
    3. Tap on Calling to make sure you select a ringtone!

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    Mark 204-819-2791

    This doesn't work. I've tried enabling Flash and its pointless. When I use the program in Windows 7 it works. But online with Chrome (quite recent version) it doesn't.  The problem is Adobe Flash.  Its  a disaster.  

    Edited by Mark 204-819-2791
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