Can I see messages my teen has sent or received?

While TextNow does not give out account records to parents, we do save calling and messaging records for approximately one month in the application, so there are still some ways you can monitor your teen’s account.  You may also find it helpful to note that you and your teen can access their account from multiple devices at the same time.

There are a couple of different ways that you and your teen can set up their account. Each gives you a different level of access to their account.

If you would like full control over your teen’s account, you and your teen can set up the account with your credentials and use an email that only you have access to so that your teen can’t reset the password.  You will have the ability to log into their account anywhere, anytime, and on any device, even if your child is logged into the account.

If you would like your teen to have more control over their account, you and your teen can sign up for an account with an email address that you also have access to. You can then enable the email address to receive notifications. With this feature enabled, the app will forward any new incoming messages to the email address on file.  To do this, open the Settings on your teen’s TextNow account, go to Notifications, and enable Email Notifications.

If you would like to only occasionally check in on your teen’s account activity, your teen can create an account using their own credentials.  You just need to make sure that you have access to their device(s) and know the password to log into the account.

It is important to note that your teen does have the ability to delete records, including individual calls and messages. For this, we recommend setting ground rules and discussing online safety with your child.

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