How can I find my ICCID on my Android?

Where can I find my ICCID?

Generally, the ICCID will be a 19 digit string.

  1. Go to Settings, then scroll down to About Phone
  2. Scroll down to SIM Status
  3. To Copy your ICCID press and hold the 19 digits
  4. A small box will appear saying Copy. Make sure the whole number is highlighted
  5. Press Copy   

This doesn't work on my phone!

Don't worry! The ICCID should also be written directly onto your SIM card. Pop the card out of your device and you should be able to read the numbers.  

Why do you need my ICCID?

Great question! We need your ICCID in order to check that your SIM card is compatible with our service. We'll also need it in order to attach your service to your device. 

If you're trying to buy a device from an online service like craigslist and it comes with a SIM card we recommend finding out which carrier the phone and SIM card were with before. Some SIM cards aren't compatible with TextNow so you might need to buy one of our Activation Kits. 

I might have a compatible device, how do I know I can use it with TextNow?

Borrowing a sibling's hand-me-down or your Mom's old iPhone? Head over to our website and click Get Started. You can input your MEID/IMEI and ICCID here and we can tell you if it's compatible with our service. 

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