Unsupported Versions Of TextNow

As time marches on, we continually add new features and improvements to TextNow, and as the mobile operating systems get more and more advanced it becomes harder to maintain backwards compatibility.

So, unfortunately, we are no longer supporting the following products and operating systems. Please note, though, that you can always access your account online, right here at www.textnow.com. And you can always get the most recent supported versions of TextNow from our Downloads page


The Windows Phone app and the Windows desktop app download from the Windows store are no longer supported. You can still use a desktop version you can download from us at this link.

Amazon Fire

We are no longer supporting the specific version created for the Amazon Fire line of tablets.


All TextNow app versions 5.61.0 and lower are no longer supported. TextNow will no longer work on any Android device using Android 4.04 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and lower.


For iOS users, any version on or before 8.30.0 is no longer supported.

Mac OS

The Mac OS desktop is no longer available for download in the App Store, but you can download a desktop version from us at this link

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