Legal Requests from United States

TextNow Inc. accepts valid legal requests from the United States (i.e. Subpoena or warrant issued or an order made by a court, person or body with jurisdiction in United States to compel the production of information) in order to provide user data.

We disclose account records in accordance with our terms of service and applicable law. Therefore, we must receive an Order to allow us to consider disclosing basic subscriber data, content, and/or historical data.

In order for the records to be relevant and accurate, the following information is required:

● Addressed to “ TextNow Inc.” (California, United States)
● Contain a valid TextNow number or username
● Contain a specific list of user data
● Specific date or date range of the requested records due to number recycling
● Specific time zone the requested records are in
● Signed and dated
● Requested due date of the Order

*Please request a copy of our Law Enforcement User Guide to process your order – email at

Please note, TextNow Inc. is unable to guarantee the retention of all data for our users, and we only accept requests from verified law enforcement agencies. TextNow will notify law enforcement with an acknowledgement receipt once the order has been reviewed and processed. All records are sent out electronically (eg. CSV files)

All requested information is in the possession of TextNow, Inc. (375 Hagey Blvd., Suite 310, Waterloo Ontario, N2L 6R5 Canada)

TextNow will not accept Orders via fax.

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