Verify Your Account With Facebook

If you're having trouble connecting your Facebook account to your TextNow mobile number, check out the Facebook help page available here: Verify Your Account.

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    Krista Tancsa

    Why is it that here in Canada, we can use text now ( which is a life saver) why cant we buy these phones and great deals? Im a heart patient and rely on the phone unfortunately in case my pacemaker /defibrillator goes off . I live alone.

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    Erin TextNow Support

    Hi Krista,

    We appreciate your interest in TextNow! Currently we're unable to provide our data service in Canada, and since our devices have a custom TextNow ROM that requires a data plan to use, we're unable to sell our devices in Canada either.

    We are working on moving into the Canadian market though, so hopefully we will be able to get you set up with our paid service in the future :)

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    Bob Flemming


    I tried to register my Facebook account by giving in my Textnow mobile number. Facebook says they will send me a confirmation code, but I never got one. I tried several times, since one week now.

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    Kristopher TextNow Support

    Hey Bob,

    Thanks for the question. Due to the fact that we employ virtual numbers for use with our application we cannot ensure that the text verification method will work unfortunately, If you're still having trouble after following the steps in the article above I'd recommend reaching out to Facebook directly.

    Edited by Kristopher TextNow Support
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    snn moon

    verification codE?

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    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hey there!

    I'm afraid that due to the virtual nature of our numbers (rather than traditional), there will be some third party apps/systems that do not recognize our numbers for a verification code purpose. In this case, I would please ask that you contact their support directly, for further assistance with verifying your account!

    Thanks in advance :)

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    I've had TEXT NOW for over a month and it's been working great! Starting a few days ago, when I open the app, I get a window saying "verifying eligibility" and it just hangs. The only way to call anyone now is if I get a notification and click on that to call the person back. I do not have a Facebook account, so I am limited in my ability to verify. Please help.

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    Taylor TextNow Support


    I've taken a look at your account and it appears as though the application you're using is out of date.

    Try following the steps here in order to resolve this issue. 

    If you're still having problems after, contact us at for further troubleshooting. :)

    Edited by Taylor TextNow Support
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    Mike Jones

    I don't want my Facebook login save

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    Textnow Support

    Hi Mike,

    If you would like to login with your username and password instead of through your Facebook account, you will have to do that when you first create the account online. So avoid creating your account using Facebook initially.

    If you already created the account through Facebook, I would recommend logging out and create a new account not through Facebook so you don't have to stayed logged in to Facebook when logging into TextNow.

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    Phillip Buntley

    My anne is britney buntley i dropped my phone in the toilet i have no wayne to reset my facebook password i have tried everything please all my pics r on there

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    Erin TextNow Support

    Hi Phillip,

    We are not able to help you reset your Facebook password since the Facebook service is not related to TextNow at all. You can try contacting Facebook support in order to get your password reset with them.

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