Law Enforcement - Emergency Disclosure Process

If a situation requires disclosure without delay of communications relating to an emergency, the Emergency Disclosure request process may be followed in order to obtain basic account information such as:

  • The email address associated with the TextNow account, if entered by user
  • The first and/or last name on the TextNow account, if entered by user
  • IP address information

Please download the Emergency Disclosure Request Document.  Please fill out the form in it’s entirety and follow the procedure listed on the first page of the document.  Please note, we only accept requests from recognized law enforcement agencies.

If you have additional questions regarding this process, please email  Our legal requests team will deal with these matters as quickly as possible.

Requests for information should be specific and accurate in order for us to accommodate.

Please note TextNow, Inc. is unable to guarantee the retention of all data for our users.


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