Not Receiving Push Notifications

iOS 5+

In iOS5+ the notification system appears different then in the below video, but most of the steps are the same.

First you select the Settings App, then Notifications, find TextNow in the list. Here you will still see settings for Showing notifications, badges and sounds.

They are set by toggling the switches to ON for Notification Center, Badge App Icon, and Sounds.

*Please also ensure you have set an Alert Style which will display a visual indication of the push message


No Luck? Try a Push Test

  1. Please do a Push Test by downloading - click here and perform the test and report to us the results. Should be pressing the "Timed Push Test" NOT "Local Push Test"
  2. Push Test = Successful - If this is the case, have you recently upgraded or changed your device or restored the iOS? Push may break sometimes due to this.  Uninstall and re-install the application.
    Push Test = Failed - If this is the case, you will need to contact Apple Care to get it fixed
  3. Still no luck? Please contact us at with your account details and the iOS version and we can look into it further. 
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