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TextNow, Inc. is able to provide the following basic subscriber info upon receipt of a court order served from a recognized Canadian legal authority. American law enforcement authorities are required under the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) to make requests to Canada through the US Central Authority, which is the Office of International Affairs (OIA) at the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington D.C. (OIA may be contacted by emailing their contact information to OIA.CANADA@USDOJ.GOV, and in emergencies by calling 202-888-4004 and asking to speak to an attorney on the Canada team).

For additional help and resources in following and serving using the MLAT process, please see the following links:

Mutual Legal Assistance Requests to Canada

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Evidence Located Abroad

TextNow, Inc. will only accept requests received that meet the MLAT process requirements set out in the Department of Justice (Canada) guide.  TEXTNOW WILL NOT ACCEPT INFORMATION REQUESTS RECEIVED DIRECTLY FROM NON-CANADIAN LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES.

In order for the records to be relevant, a date or a date range MUST be specified. Our numbers are frequently recycled and without a date range we have no way of knowing which subscriber's information you are actually seeking.

You are able to request the following information: 

  • The email address associated with the TextNow account, if entered by user
  • The first and/or last name on the TextNow account, if entered by user
  • IP address information
  • Phone call records
  • Text Message records

Please note, TextNow, Inc. is unable to guarantee the retention of all data for our users.

If you have a subpoena or court order to serve us and you are a Canadian enforcement authority - please email it to

Please note, that if your request is an emergency life-threatening situation, you should review and follow our Emergency Disclosure Request Process.

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