Why Was My Phone Number Released, And What Can I Do?

About TextNow numbers
When you sign up for TextNow, the app or your online registration will ask you for a number in the area code you provide from a pool of numbers available to us in that area code. You can release the number and reassign yourself another one through the app once every fifteen days.
We have numbers available in most area codes within the US and Canada. 

When do numbers get released?
When you sign up for TextNow, we issue you a number in the area code you choose when you create your account. If that number is not used to text to another number, it will expire within the first seven (7) days of activation. You don't have to text another TextNow customer; rather, you can text any number within the US or Canada to prevent expiration.
Once your number is used to text for the first time, it is considered "active". The number will get recycled if there has been no texting activity for thirty (30) days. 

Can I get my old number back?
We apologize for the inconvenience a situation like this may cause. We do not have the ability to assign or restore specific phone numbers/area codes - if your phone number has been released for any reason, you would need to obtain a new phone number for the account.

Do I get a warning message?
For active numbers past the first month of activity, we give you a warning after twenty-five (25) days of no activity. After 30 days of no activity, the number will be recycled. 
What to do next
Once a number is unassigned, you are more than welcome to pick up another one. Simply enter your preferred area code when prompted by the TextNow app and we will assign a new number to your account!
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