[Android] Custom Stickers and GIFs

As the previous What's New article mentioned, users of the free TextNow app have had the option to include stickers in their texts for a while now. Well, that feature has done so well we're expanding it to all TextNow users - free, Premium and TextNow phone plan subscribers - with added GIF support!

You'll now have the option to choose from stickers as well as GIFs. (And for the record, we here at TextNow fall on the hard "g" side of the GIF pronunciation debate.) Here's how it works:

During a Conversation on the TextNow app, you'll see some words suddenly colored blue. These are keywords that bring up the stickers and GIFs suggested by the keyword. For example, typing the word sunny in this conversation...




... gives me some suggestions to include in my Conversation. Let's choose the hot dog:




And voila! Now my contact can enjoy that delightful hot dog as well.

If you don't want these suggestions, you can turn them off in your main TextNow Settings menu, under Messaging. Turn the Suggest stickers and GIFs toggle on to enable the feature, and off to disable it.


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    Cool beans

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    Derek Veit

    Neat feature, but it's not for me personally. I like that the automatic suggestion feature can be disabled, and I think it is by default. It would be even nicer if the blue linking feature could also be disabled, because for someone not interested in the GIFs this is a nuisance when tapping a word to correct the word choice.

    Also, why does "love" bring up images of Happy Death Day, etc? Seasonal Halloween theme, I guess? It seems a little off to me.

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    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hey Derek! All good points- and we're happy you brought them up! Now, with regards to the "blue linking", that sounds like autocorrect. Now, that's easily controlled through your own phone's settings. Open them up and find "Language and input". The spellcheck settings should be found within your keyboard settings.

    I agree with you that the "love" suggestions are slightly inappropriate, and will pass it along to the correct authorities:)

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