[Premium Feature] Voicemail Transcriptions

TextNow offers voicemail transcriptions - a written transcription of the voicemail your contact left for you. Currently, voicemail transcriptions are only available for Premium TextNow subscribers.

Here's how to enable and use the feature!

  1. Tap on your main menu 3dashes.png in the TextNow app, and then tap on the Settings icon ic_settings_24dp-2.jpg.
  2. Tap on Calling, and then tap on Voicemail.
  3. On the Voicemail page, slide Voicemail Transcription to On. You can turn it off or on anytime.


When you receive a voicemail on your Conversations page, tap on the message to read the transcription. If it's a longer one, tap on See More to see the full text of your contact's voicemail.

You can also tap on the Play button to play it back.




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  • Avatar
    Baby Girl

    How do i activate my voicemail?

    And , with that 1st month free?
    How would I know??

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hey there! Since we're not a traditional voice carrier, there is no voicemail "activation". All you have to do is make sure that your voicemail is enabled in your TextNow app's settings, and when someone calls you and leaves a voicemail, you'll simply see it as a message recording that you can press play on in your inbox. You can see the exact instructions here !

    With regards to the 1st month free, that is only available with select SIM card purchases, which can only be activated and used in the U.S at the moment. So if you have an unlocked, eligible device you'd like to activate with our wireless service, you can purchase a compatible SIM card and activate your phone!

    Edited by Valeria TextNow Support
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    Riccardo Mascarenha

    How do i change my user name

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hey Riccardo! I'm afraid that usernames are the only data on your account that is not editable. The best you can do is open up a new account with your desired username!

  • Avatar
    Leyna Jordan

    It will not let me listen to voicemail, is that an pay only feature if so you should make it known somewhere. Also going to website and looking at account there is nothing there. It's the exact same as on the app

  • Avatar
    Erin TextNow Support

    Hi Leyna,

    The TextNow voicemail feature is available for all users including those using our free app! If you do not see a voicemail in your conversation thread, as pictured above, it's possible that you missed a call but no voicemail was left. If you do see the voicemail but are unable to play it for whatever reason please let us know.

    Also make sure that the TextNow app version you're using is updated for optimal functionality.

  • Avatar
    null null

    If offline, will I receive a voicemail when I back online via WiFi

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hi there! You absolutely will :)

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