Voice Notes With TextNow

TextNow is pleased to announce a new feature, included in our 4.34 update for Android devices: Voice Notes!

A voice note is a short recorded message you can send to your contact on your Conversation page. Here's how!

Tap on the conversation (or start a new conversation), and then tap on the plus button (+) in the bottom right-hand corner. Screenshot_2016-11-28-11-39-58.png
Then, tap on Audio Message. Screenshot_2016-11-28-12-00-27.png
To record your voice note, tap and hold the microphone icon, and release it when you're done recording Screenshot_2016-11-28-11-40-06.png
The voice note will then appear as a playable link for you and your contact to enjoy!  Screenshot_2016-11-28-11-40-44.png 


Please note: Currently, you can only send a Voice Note to a contact that has a texting number (either TextNow or otherwise) saved for it. If your contact has no number associated with it, you will not be able to send them a Voice Note, and the option will not be available. Also, Voice Notes do not work with group texting at this time. 

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